Morey's Piers- Wildwood, NJ

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Presentation In The
Maintenance Building
July 12th & 13th was the second annual Coastin' by the Ocean event hosted by Morey's Piers in Wildwood, NJ.

This great event featured ERT, a behind the scenes tour, a question & answer session with the Morey's about new attraction ideas, and a great dinner event with a luau.  

One of the new concepts in development is a new "haunted house" attraction for Mariner's  Landing, which could feature a ghost ship and/or lighthouse theme.   On display was some of the art they were using for inspiration, as well as a rough sketch of the proposed attraction facade.

Plans currently call for the new attraction to take over the current miniature golf course.   There is still no definitive plan for building the attraction or target date, and part of the event was taking suggestion from the attendees about what kind of attraction it should be, and which existing park attractions could serve as inspiration.
Some of the pictures on the walls included pictures of the fire location before (with the bumper cars), the fire damage being removed, and reconstruction of the boardwalk.   The day after the fire, the pier was re-opened to the public, and less than 1 month's time the section of the pier that was burned was re-opened.   Currently different plans for re-developing the area are being weighed, and the event attendees were also asked for their opinions on the different plans.   

The proposed new wooden coaster is still in the works, with designs being refined and modified.   The proposed crossing from Surfside Pier to Hunt's Pier was represented with several renderings and variations on the structure.   No definitive date for construction has been set yet and the design and manufacturer have not been finalized at this time.

Another possible plan in the works currently is re-development of the Adventure Pier into an extreme attraction pier, with all the go-karts, the Screaming Swing, Skycoaster, and other upcharge attractions currently scattered on the other piers.
Ride Parts In & Around The
Morey's Maintenance Shop
Here are some of the things sitting around the old Hunt's Pier which is home to the Morey's Piers Maintenance Shop.   Some of the items include the old fiberglass hoods from the Great Nor'Easter, lift hill chains, and car bodies from the Sky Ships, and Jersey Junkyard.
Inside the shop are more ride parts and boxes of the winter covers for some of the rides. 
There was a car from the Doo Wopper, a boat from the Pirates of the Wildwoods, and carts of parts for each of the roller coasters.   Below are the kiddie flume boats which were saved from the fire, and the original seats from Great Nor'Easter. 
The Golden Nugget
Located on the closed Hunt's Pier next to the Morey's Maintenance Shop is the Golden Nugget dark ride which has been closed for several years.  Though plans were mentioned of trying to relocate the classic ride to a new location, the process looks to be cost prohibitive. 

Though there is no current plan to move or remove the ride, the current plans for the new coaster coming to the pier shows the building in its current location.
Some of the details of the Golden Nugget are really neat.   The station platform with its original manual skid break levers sits silent in front of the old western style storefront facades. 

One of the cleverest details is the saguaro cactuses made from stainless steel duct materials. 

Saturday Night Luau
The Morey's staff did an amazing job with the event, with no detail overlooked.  the luau on Saturday night was great, featuring live music, great food, prizes and even s'mores around the firepit.

The luau was held in the cabana area of the Ocean Oasis Waterpark after closing for the day, in an area under the Great Nor'Easter coaster.   The ride cycled empty trains over the attendees heads throughout the evening, as the ride's lighting system put on its colorful lightshow.

The area was beautifully themed and has great details that made it the perfect setting for the luau.

Thank you so much to the entire Morey's Staff for making us all feel so welcome and giving us so much!   We can't wait for Coastin' by the Ocean 3 next summer!!! 


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